Jacob Bogatin: A healthy lifestyle is comfortable!

Most people underestimate the possibility of a healthy lifestyle, and for many, it is associated only with prohibitions. In fact, a healthy lifestyle does not involve victims, but instead turns into acquired years of life and well-being. Especially for World Health Day, we have collected simple tips that everyone can easily use in everyday life, advises Jacob Bogatin.

Eat only quality food and try not to save on food. Food is the foundation of a healthy and long life. Walk on foot whenever possible. Only thanks to an active movement your body will “store” less fat. In restaurants, refuse dishes that cause you to doubt. Poisoning, or even upset stomach, undermines the strength of the body, says Jacob Bogatin.

Keep all products in the refrigerator so that they spoil as slowly as possible. Throw away everything that has already passed the threshold of its expiration date. If you have a sedentary work, spend at least three minutes per “warm-up” for each hour – stretch, stretch your legs, feet, make body turns, raise and lower your shoulders. All this can be done without getting up from the chair, notes Jacob Bogatin.

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